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On Spaces & Identities











30.08. – 04.09. 2022


Opening hours : Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 8 p.m.

Vernissage: Tuesday, 30 August from 6 p.m.

- CANCELED - Artist talk with Ana Maria Rodriguez Bisbicus: Wednesday, 31 August from 6 p.m.

Video Art Night: Kiezraum im Dragoner Areal - Thursday, 1 September from 7 p.m., Film starts at 8 p.m.

Finissage: Saturday, 3 September from 4 p.m.


Salon am Moritzplatz
Oranienstraße 58
10969 Berlin


Agrina Vllasaliu
Christina S. Zhu
Gregor Jahner
Hannah Lansburgh
Hatice Acikgoez
Jae-Nder Fluid
Leonie Bunte
Linus Clostermann
Mouna Assali
Sandra Köstler's
Tiziana Krüger

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In this year’s exhibition we focus on the subject of spaces and identities. The various artistic positions examine the interplay between humans and space in a variety of contexts. Topics include migration, the urban space and coexistence with non-human organisms among other things.
Agrina Vllasaliu photograph „Thraumatrope“ we visit her parents‘ house in Kosovo, while she questions the place for memories and the possibility of an alternative reality. With the illustrations from her book„Ein Leben in Deutschland: Postmigrantische Erzählungen“ Christina S. Zhu visualizes interviews she conducted with 14 people about their migration experiences and thus tries to get closer to the question of what „home“ means. Gregor Jahner developed a carpet under the title „Journey through Jerusalem“ based on his own movement patterns in the city, which at the same time examines the role of individualized design objects. In Hannah Lansburgh’s deals with the commercial appropriation of U.S. toponyms by German companies, with which she simultaneously comments on the colonial appropriation practice of these place names as well as their indigenous origins. In her poem with accompanying installation „Fancy Schmancy Immigrants,“ Hatice Acikgoez explores modes of belonging and otherness of migrants through a room in her parents‘ home. JaeN-der Fluid comments on the role of gender-neutral toilets as safe spaces in the installation „Inaccessible Space“. In  Leonie Bunte’s photographic series „Moving Habitats“ the artist focuses on the confrontation of the human body with the raw materiality of concrete in the built environment. Linus Clostermann creates with “nest” biomorphic structures, with which he encourages reflections on the power struggle for habitats between humans and non-human organisms. Sandra Köstler's series „Landscape of the Car“ photographically explores the car-friendly city of the post war period and how its architecture is presently experienced without a car. With „resistance“ Tiziana Krüger addresses the issue of defensive architecture that influences the movements of individuals in the public urban space.  
The exhibition will be complemented by a program that will include a vernissage and finissage as well as a Video Art Night. There, the short films „(Un)Finished House“ by Saša Tatić, „Shapeshifter“ by Vixtoria Salomonsen and „Inaccessible Space“ by JaeN-der Fluid will be shown. In addition, an artist talk with Ana Maria Rodriguez Bisbicus, throught their ongoing research and mapping project, Tracing Nepantla, about queer-feminist and migrant spaces in Berlin. As every year, the exhibition will also be accompanied by a printed catalog.