We are artburst berlin e.V., a young art association that organizes exhibitions and cultural events with local and international artists on a voluntary basis.

Our exhibitions address current, socially relevant topics. We aim to incorporate various media and formats into our curatorial concepts. Thus, it is important to us to give different artistic positions the space to show their complexity through different formats such as talks, performances and screenings. We are built upon intersectional, feminist and post-migrant perspectives, which are the foundation of our grassroots-democratically organized work. Consequently, Diversity is a significant prerequisite for our orientation in the art field and our exhibition concepts.
The exhibitions we curate take place all over Berlin. We are not tied to a fixed exhibition space. This allows us to react to each space in a new way and thus present formats and diverse exhibitions away from cultural institutions. In doing that, we aim to create space for new ideas and experiments for us and the artists. Our central concern is to create visibility for diverse realities of life as well as space for exchange and networks.
It is important to us to promote art mediation that has a low-threshold and is therefore able to reach different groups in society. Accordingly, our work as a whole is based on a foundation of dialogue and aims to unite people through a communal engagement with art. Through the networks we create for and with artists, we encourage the encounter of diverse visions.

The association works voluntarily and independently of institutions. artburst berlin e.V. is financed by donations, cultural sponsorship, and cooperation with predominantly regional sponsoring partners. We highly appreciate every donation, with which you support our independent and non-profit plattform for contemporary art. Your donation, for which you recieve a donation receipt, is tax-deductible.

artburst berlin e.V.
Berliner Sparkasse
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