Berlin Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Markgrafenstr. 38
10117 Berlin


June 19, 2024


Anika Krbetschek
Annina Lingens
Candy Bassas
Helena Doppelbauer
Jinran Ha
Marie Salcedo Horn
Yiy Zhang

Solitude may imply isolation, loneliness, and desolation, yet it can also be a deliberate and advantageous choice for retreat, protection, or self-discovery. The exhibition Journeys of Solitude deconstructs the negatively charged concept of loneliness and explores, through the works of seven artists, the multifaceted English term solitude, considering it as an idea, a construct, a strength, and a weakness.
The selected artists share individual stories of solitude, encompassing experiences of loneliness as a self-chosen sanctuary, a place of refuge, in isolation, or as a means to engage in dialogue with oneself. The exhibition, curated by artburst berlin, brings together works by artists Anika Krbetschek, Annina Lingens, Candy Bassas, Helena Doppelbauer, Jinran Ha, Marie Salcedo Horn, and Yiy Zhang, who use various media such as video, photography, sculpture, painting, and installation to give voice to the shades of solitude and introduce visitors to the different levels of meaning associated with loneliness.
artburst berlin e.V. presents the exhibition Journeys of Solitude in cooperation with the German Ethics Council on the occasion of the annual conference "Loneliness – Existential Experience and Societal Challenge" on June 19, 2024, at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The physical exhibition will be documented in a digital space for participants and in the form of a video for those interested, available on the German Ethics Council's website. We thank the German Ethics Council for their kind support and look forward to a rich exchange of artistic perspectives on the topic of loneliness.