Fluid Bodies


OKK – Organ Kritischer Kunst

Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin-Wedding

09.05. – 12.05.2019
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  • Jonas Büßecker
  • Michaela Filzi
  • Eva Karduck
  • Nadia Markiewicz
  • Anna Luca Mogyorós
Each individual perceives its own body with all his senses – as well as the bodies of others. The human eye is capable of capturing all forms, waves, folds, elevations, pits and corners of the body’s surface. These forms move or are moved. This is how facial expressions and gestures – the body language – are created. Through the skin, which surrounds all internal organs and holds the body parts together, the body comes into contact with other people, objects and its surroundings.
The human body is not only a sensually experienceable entity. It is repeatedly transformed by social and cultural phenomena and adapted to current reality. Through the categorizing thinking of homo sapiens, the „reasonable human being“, the body becomes a pure construction. Is the body I am currently seeing „female“ or „male“, old or young, healthy or sick, neither of them or both? Such limitations of its variety of forms standardize, suppress, and tyrannize it. But the body itself knows no boundaries: It is not so easy to classify, passes from one category to another without interruption, is sometimes the „one“ sometimes the „other“, but often none of them. The body is fluid.