Tote Tauben Turteltauben


Projektraum Kurt Kurt

Lübeckerstr. 13, 10559 Berlin-Moabit

  • Nadya Dittmar
  • Rebecca Foltin
  • Jonas Jahns
  • Angela Kaisers
  • Kristiane Kegelmann
  • Julie Legouez
  • Marlies Pahlenberg
  • Daniel Peace
  • Tanja Sieg
  • Matt Vogel

We are moving in swarms, always in search of something, ready to pick out new acquaintances in between millions of people. There are thousands of possibilities to meet each other and make contact. Anonymity can always transform into intimity – what will come of it is yet uncertain. How did relationships change in Generation Y and how are they influenced by digital media?

Our courtship can be summed up in three apps and the next flirt is only one ‘swipe’ away. Driven by vague ideals we are stumbling into diverting adventures or even into the long desired relationship status.

With all these exciting possibilities, are we damned to fail due to our own ideas or does the situation offer a promising potential?

Is the (love)bird dead or does dating just work different these days?