Scheitern | Failure

  • Annina Lingens
  • Bruno Siegrist
  • Edurne Herrán
  • Gertrūda Gilytė
  • Grzegorz Demczuk
  • Inia Steinbach
  • Kaddi:H
  • Léni Chons
  • Paula Muhr
  • Rina Treml
We move in a kind of schizophrenic state of mind and stumble between the promise of pseudo-scientific advisors to first fail before success and the existence in a competitive and performance-oriented society. Failure is usually only talked about when it is possible to make a name for oneself in times of success. At the same time, we feel under pressure, are afraid not to meet the expectations and wishes of others and suffer from depression.
People who are constantly failing have slipped to the fringes of the performance society. Avoiding failure and the failed is not only a private matter, but also a political and social one. Must failure threaten our self-esteem? Will it get us any further? Does it have to? The exhibition attempts to break down these narrow questions and takes a look at individual concepts of failure.