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  • Roshanak Amini
  • Timon und Melchior Grau
  • Die.theaterlehrer
  • PRIMA Neanderthal
  • Felix Lüke
  • Aleks Slota

Politics = language. The latest American election campaigns and the rise of the AfD party in Germany show a brutalization in the political tone. Language can provoke hatred and prejudices and incite animosity in society.

Looking at these new tendencies we asked ourselves if art and literature still have a political dimension within our society and if so, how could they become a basis for actions and thinking.

If propaganda is seducing the masses with giving simple answers to complex questions, can art and literature counter that? Both seldomly provide THE answer and often even give no answer at all. Do artists need to change their creative “language”, maybe become louder and rougher to gain the much needed attention? What needs to be done when the people who are meant to reflect their opinions are not even listening?